Tribe Returns to the Road for 2013Posted by Jonathan Roth on Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 12:10 am

Coming off of a rest weekend, we've had time to reflect on the ACCC season opener down in North Carolina two weekends ago. Our friends at NCSU kicked it off with a double road race pain festival. With day one providing racers with a forgivingly flat course, Sunday's race made it evident what few base miles everyone had ridden over the chilly winter months separating Mountain and Road seasons. Regardless, William & Mary was able to place some outstanding results.

There were a number of first time racers representing the Tribe. Among these greenhorns were sophomores Matt Schroeder and Casey Thompson, junior Matt Van Dongen, and senior Dan Grimm. A former cross-country runner at the college, Grimm put up some amazing results with an 8th place finish in the Men's C race on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to camera issues on the part of the officials present at Sunday's race, Dan's pack finish was unregistered. The rest of the first timers all provided the Tribe with pack finishes on these neutral roll-out races.

Returning this season for William and Mary Cycling were seniors Evan Fulton and Ryan Burbey, sophomores Jonathan Roth and Morgan Harwood, and graduate students Megan Morse (Education) and Eric Fischer (Law). The power couple of Fischer and Morse both posted some great results on Saturday with a top 15 finish by Eric in Men's A and a top 5 posting in Women's A by his better half. Their energetic and loving dogs, Sweep and Mae, were able to console the rest of the racers on both days as they sat and massaged sore muscles.

New this year to the Men's A circuit was senior Ryan Burbey, who was able to have pack finishes on both days despite the grueling 25+ mph average of Saturday's races and the relentless rollers of Sunday. Evan Fulton, a returning B rider and resident goober of the team, was forced to learn the same lesson that has been the bane of his racing career: too much time on the front makes it hard to sprint at the end.

This weekend, the Tribe will be hitting the races hard in hosting their own road race and crit combo weekend in Thrilliamsburg, VA. With the home course advantage on their side, the Wheelin' Williams and Motorin' Marys look to throw down some great results, have an awesome time, put on a fun race weekend, and avoid getting food poisoning like Matt Schroeder did last weekend.

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